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This is it: http://www.butcheredart.net/Fiction/Kids.html

I know the only reason I liked the recent Iron Man movie was because of Robert Downey, Jr. I think that, if I ever gave the comics a shot, the only reason I will like Iron Man is because of all the political angst (hopefully clever). But now I'm about convinced that the only reason I am going to start reading Iron Man fanfic is because there is at least one writer for the fandom out in the Internet who is not afraid to make a grand gesture, and do it damn well.

It's been quite a while since I read a fanfic like that. It's something I'd even consider as a model example for this organization's cause:


*the fog dissipates*....and now I realize I have spent too much time and wandered a wee bit farther than expected away from my One True Obsession (of the moment? for life?) which is House M.D. It's time to head back.

Everybody lies.

(Or the I-got-the-babelizer-to-spout-philosophy post.)

This site aptly named "Lost in Translation" has this engine that "babelizes" an English phrase back and forth between 5 different languages. What comes out in the end is barely recognizable from the original. For instance, I tried the classic tongue twister, "She sells sea shells by the seashore." What came out, predictably, was a mess of words and a waste of time to read.  It sells interactive of interpreter of instruction of sea by the edge
of the sea. (And you still read it, didn't you? Ha!)

The final note on the short introduction to this "babelizer" is a curious anecdote, however:

Remember the old game of "Telephone"? Something is lost, and sometimes something is gained.

And I, of course, decided to test how useless this babelizer can get--by trying to get it to churn up something useful. Et voila! Wonder of wonders, it actually came up with something poignant, simple and extraordinary--if you are a fan of overreading, that is.

Original English Text:

Everybody lies.

Translated to French:
Tout le monde se trouve.

Translated back to English:
Everyone is.

Translated to German:
Jeder ist.

Translated back to English:
Everyone is.

Translated to Italian:
Tutto è.

Translated back to English:
All it is.

Translated to Portuguese:
Tudo é.

Translated back to English:
Everything is.

Translated to Spanish:
Todo es.

Translated back to English:
Everything is.

Everything is. What began its existence as a lie in the minds of men, in the end, just is. And everything is this way, in spite of the fact that everybody lies about everything. Everything just is.

(I wonder how much this scrap of philosophy is worth if you put it on a t-shirt.)

thieves and pirates

It's not hard to fall in love with pirates/thieves/jack-of-all-trades in fantasy stories. I don't just happen to like such characters; whenever I read a fantasy novel, I look for these types--they are often easy to find as they make themselves prominent by means of their charming eloquence, their easy chemistry with any other character, or even simply by the aura of sheer sexiness they exude without the slightest effort. The presence of these 'bohemian' characters are not only cherished but expected by certain types of fantasy bookworms. If the average fantasy novel is the literary equivalent of junk food, such characters that provide the sort of amusement to female readers that comes free with giggles would be the MSG that makes the junk food tasty, unhealthy and addictive all at the same time.