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Death by a Bottle

The misfortune-tellings of Oracle Dys

going in and around and over the green
I like cats, writing and cooking. My lappie's name is Yuki. I have an impossible twin from halfway around the world named Becky. She's got an lj too: hocus. I love reading, so much. My favorite literature genres are fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction. I like poetry too, and currently love Wallace Stevens best of all.

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The Reading Cat
For my (growing) reading list, among other things.

My Poems

My Fanfics

I'm often out. As in, my *brain* is often out--reading fanfics, reading books, reading... Erm, when I'm *not* reading, I'm probably writing. Or cooking. You'll have to excuse my brain, which has this 24-hour hotline to Eduardo, my quirky, eccentric muse/tormentor. He tends to drop by at the oddest times and torture my neurons with the most salacious, deluscious ideas for my many OTP loves..